Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Echo echo echo...(crickets chirping)

If anyone is still stopping by here to visit, I sincerely apologize for the long absence. Travel Gretta does still talk, a lot, and she has actually been doing a little bit of traveling since we last heard from her (I will stop speaking in 3rd person shortly):

February - flew to my LAST continent, Australia, to play with my fabulous friend Josh. In a nutshell: beached, burned (a little, and not on purpose), Sydney bridged, helicoptered, partied, Great Ocean Roaded, photographed, zooed.

March - went to Vienna, Austria for one day, en route to Paris. Paris in a nutshell: wined, cheesed, shopped, strolled, wined, cheesed, museumed, Versaillesed, wined, overchocolated (twice), photographed.

And in between those trips, I moved my little life over to Erbil, Iraq (whaaa???? yes.) to teach some English to the Kurdish Iraqi's in the North. Hence, the new blog: BurkaGretta. Landis receives full credit for the title.

Strap on your Kevlar minidress/tuxedo, and pay me a visit: http://burkagretta.blogspot.com