Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Return of Fernando! (And TravelGretta)

Have you been visiting me over in The Iraq? Don't be scared, it's perfectly safe. I just wanted to pop back here to let you know that my summer vacation is rapidly approaching (3 weeks! 3 weeks!) and I will be shifting from BurkaGretta back to TravelGretta for the month of July. No promises on consistent posts, because I'm the boss of me, and I'll be on vacation.

HOWEVER, I do think it may interest some of you to hear that the lovely little piggy, Fernando, has been sent (First Class, I'm sure) by the stunningly outrageous WhiskeyMarie, to my hotel in Vienna. This means I have a built-in travel companion for Vienna and Croatia, and that my friend Sarah will have to keep her wits about her in Greece. Fernando is wily with the ladies!

I haven't seen him since last March! I hope he hasn't gotten fat...