Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hvar You Today?

We arrived on Hvar to some beautiful, sunny weather, which then, in a matter of hours, turned to a wild and windy thunderstorm with semi-torrential rains. Semi-torrential rains continued to plague our lovely little island for several days. Fernando found this door hanger to be a bit ironic.

"Sunsational" was an adjective we had yet to experience on Hvar. Fernando decided to pass the time by reading the British Marie Claire, featuring the ribald fashionista, Bruno. Bruno is fast becoming Fernando's idol, as 'Nando has frequently wondered, himself, vy do zey not half ze Nobel Prize for ze fashion?

The rains would come and go, and when they "went" we were able to grab a few hours of intermittent sunshine, during which I made Fernando go on walks with me. He has been eating a lot of gelato. This was a pretty path that we'd take...

...which led down to a small beach:

Fernando was less impressed with the beach, and more impressed with the offerings of the adjacent beach bar.

I had to remind him of what happened the last time he overindulged in Cuba Libres and Sex on the Beach, and I'm not sure it was entirely coincidental when this appeared outside our hotel...

He begrudgingly agreed to scale back and enjoy a slightly more refined drink, with cheese plate.

After all, we are not animals...oh wait.

Fernando also gamely accompanied me, one night, to a sushi restaurant, called Pirate.

Fernando agrees with me that you do not necessarily need to partake in the local cuisine the entire time you are on vacation; particularly if the local cuisine tends to be very meh. Despite the fact that Fernando insisted on ending every sentence with "Aarrrggghh, matey", the dinner at Pirate was enjoyable, and the sushi was fantastic.
The skies finally cleared, and our final day on Hvar was absolutely beautiful. We took advantage of our hotel's "share" policy, and spent the day at the sister hotel's private pool.

As you can see, Fernando was a bit shiny from his sunburn. We will pick up some aloe vera in Dubrovnik tomorrow.