Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Like A Greeced Pig

The flight from Dubrovnik to Athens (via Vienna) was uneventful, and Fernando slept off much of his hangover in my carry-on bag.

We met up with my friend, Sarah, who had flown in from San Francisco and was very excited to meet the little piggy she had heard so much about.

It would have been a beautiful relationship, except Fernando kept calling her "Sandra" and slobbering on her cheek.

This will surprise no one, but at the restaurant (Vlassis - fantastic) Fernando attempted to run off with two mini-pitchers of wine.

I just don't even know what to do with him when he gets like this. Well, yes I do. I tuck him in my purse - in the small zippered compartment - and then ignore the muffled oinking.

We set out the next day to experience Athens! It was a million degrees, but beautifully sunny, and Sarah and I bought the multi-ticket set to visit whatever ruins were around. I am not a history buff, nor am I in the least bit scholarly, so if you came here looking for a cohesive travelogue and lesson in early Greco-Roman architecture, I am sorry. You will most likely learn nothing from this. I am very big on captioning the photos with such helpful phrases as "Look, columns."

Look, Fernando, columns.

We spent about 2 hours wandering around the Acropolis (which my sister tells me means "high city" - Acro: high; Polis: city - she is a little more scholarly), then spent 2 minutes begging for cold water at a small shop where the men were yelling "FROZEN LEMONAAAAAAADE". Frozen lemonade sounded PERFECT, but upon closer inspection it was more like the Greek version of a Slurpee. Possibly a Slurpeeokakisopolis. We just settled for warm bottled water.

We continued on to lunch at a restaurant in the Plaka, and tested out a genuine Greek salad. Fernando took one look and said "Vegetables? Are you kidding?" then dove headfirst into the feta.

The food was delicious and it refreshed us enough to continue wandering the streets of Athens for another few hours.

We did a little shoe shopping:

Laughed at the souvenir shop:

And caught the Changing of the Guard at the Parliament building

Fernando mixed wine and Mythos beer with Ouzo shots at lunch, and subsequently missed the better part of the afternoon, remaining passed out in my purse. He was still sleeping when Sarah and I were up at the hotel's rooftop bar, toasting our first night in Greece.

Tomorrow, Santorini!