Friday, July 3, 2009

Pig On The Split (er... or in Split)

Croatia, Fernando has arrived!

The throngs of worshipers must have dissipated for a brief snack. No matter! We gazed out at the beautiful harbor, taking in the sturdy palm trees and the sparkling waters of the Adriatic, when Fernando mused "I wonder if I could find a good party mask here..."

Honestly, it is always "Shopping!" with him. I reminded Fernando that the IHOB corporate card was no longer valid, and that we also did not have any secret "Eyes Wide Shut"-type party to attend that night, so we just continued wandering around the ancient alleyways of Diocletian's retirement palace, periodically pausing to pose our piggy:

Split, it was too short of a romance with you! We must return! Tomorrow continues the Croatiastravaganza (I'm reaching here, I realize) when we Ferry over to the island of Hvar. I will be dragging all the luggage, as Fernando refuses to help, claiming back problems, or hangovers or something.