Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Rest of the Greece - Wrap up.

Apologies in advance for this rushed post - but we feel like Greece was SOOOOO long ago...and so much has happened since... (cliffhanger).

In a nutshell:

Fernando drank too much

He ate too much

He almost got shot out of a cannon on the Wine & Appetizer & Hot Springs Cruise (which, in another nutshell was more like a 3 Hour Tour...a 3 Hour Tour...only a half hour of which included the wine & appetizers. Buh!)

And then, rolled around in our dolma plate at the winery. The dolmas were made with the grape leaves of the winery - fabulous!

We leave you with one last look at a gorgeous Greek sunset.

And then will explain the reason for the rush, in the next post. Cliffhanger! After the photo of the cliff! I can't make this stuff up!