Monday, June 28, 2010

Lather, Rinse, Repeat. It's Okay.

Until fairly recently I was a bit driven in my quest to see EVERYWHERE before I died. I have previously mentioned that my Bible is this book:

I haven't been to 1000 places, much less THESE 1000 places, but it's good to have goals. I have made it to all seven continents, including the really cold one that everyone forgets about, and yet the "Where I've Been" application on Facebook STILL thinks that I've only been to 14% of the world. That doesn't sound right, does it? I didn't think so either!

Being moderately competitive, I wanted to show that FB app who was boss, and said "I'm NOT repeating destinations until I've been EVERYWHERE!" I pride myself on being profoundly realistic.

After ticking Italy off the list in March, having spent a week in Venice, I proceeded with my plan for "Where I've Been" Map Domination and made a few arrangements to see Romania. I probably should have been aiming at one of the larger land-mass countries, but I've always had a Dracula/Transylvania fixation that I thought I could satiate with this trip.

Italy had other plans. It simply would not let go of me. I was in a death grip of spectacular cuisine, incre
dible architecture, uber-chic fashion and absurdly sexy people. I had to go back! More Italy!

My new frame of mind was "Why would you go anywhere OTHER than Italy?! WHY?! VIVA ITALIA! CIAO BELLA!!!"

And so Rome it was.

Was this the best Rome photo I could find? Noooooooo, but it does incorporate several of the aforementioned fabulous aspects of Italy:

1) Architecture (sculpture)
2) Sexy Italians (did you see those legs?)
3) Fashion (I defy you to find similar legwarmers anywhere else)

I am excitedly anticipating visiting all the other cities in Italy. Every single one of them. That Facebook app can suck it.