Friday, October 22, 2010

Now, If I Were An Accountant...

Given that I'm all "TravelGretta" and such, wouldn't you think it would behoove my parents to glean helpful travel tips from me? Me, their own offspring? Me, their delightful progeny? Me, the fruit of their...gross, forget that last one.

As a "Thank You" for taking care of my kitty-cat, and allowing me to usurp their closet space with my many, many, many pairs of shoes, while I lived overseas, and
for being all around awesome parents, I booked The Mom and The Dad First/Business Class tickets to Paris and London.


They haven't been on a big, Trans-Atlantic trip since their honeymoon, back in the 1600s, so this was kind of a big deal for them and they wanted to make sure to plan everything just so.

The Mom and The Dad are fully aware of this blog - TravelGretta - and they know me pretty well; me, their daughter,TravelGretta (although no, that is not my given name, you're right). They are familiar with the voluminous trips, jaunts, and excursions I have taken over the years, and yet, when it came time to plan the details of their own trip
, do you think they asked me for assistance? Do you?

Or do you think they checked out a bunch of guide books from the library, spent hours on Google, attended a Saturday morning, AAA "packing seminar" and purchased a book entitled "Pack It Up: The Essential Guide to Orga
nized Travel"?

It's okay. I'll get over it. Plus, I just bought another pair of shoes for them to store in their closet.