Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bruges - All About the Hotel


I was given multiple rooms with heavy silk draperies, a marble fauxplace and antique furniture, not to mention a chilled bottle of champagne and box of Belgian chocolates (although here I'm sure they're just "chocolates"). This caused unreasonable swanning from room to room, exclaiming to no one "Welcome to my palatial rooms, won't you sit down?" I had leaped straight out of a Jane Austen novel, and was delusionally anticipating callers for tea.

The bathroom? Gorgeously tiled, and equipped with a large tub. Shhh, it's behind the little wall. You can't see it. It's private.

The canal view from my window. Windows I should say, as there were multiple in my stately rooms.

And after the sun came out, just in time to set.

Resident swans. Also swanning about!

And I must mention that the entire property, from the reception parlor to the hallways and staircases, smelled beautiful, thanks to the hotel's "signature" scent (which can be purchased in home mist or candle form). I love things that smell good.

Martin's Relais Oud Huis Amsterdam. It's in Bruges - don't let the name fool you.