Thursday, February 10, 2011

Carry On

Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to my Chloe Heloise Navy Oversize Tote. Although I bought this when it moved from Net-A-Porter to TheOutnet, for sale purposes, and was marked down to the always exciting price of Half-Off, it is still the most expensive handbag I've ever owned. Was the half-off-yet-still-outrageously-expensive-price worth it? Yes.

I. Love. This. Bag.

I love the color. I love all the zippered pockets. I love the outer slot pockets. I love the way it sits comfortably on my shoulder - either one, right OR left. I love the sticky-crunchy noise it makes when I squeeze it (sometimes to see if it's empty, sometimes just because). I love how it plops down and opens, wide, so I am able to see all the crap I've crammed into it. And I love how it accommodates my laptop, in either the standing-on-its-end position, or the flat-down position. My laptop is ungainly, so this is no small feat.

I also love how she looks when she sort of turns to the side.

This bag has become my go-to carry-on for traveling. It's lightweight, yet sturdy, and the amount of stuff it holds is unbelievable. I don't even think Chloe realized just how much stuff you can put in the Chloe Heloise Oversize Tote. Several months ago, I apparently overstepped my bounds with the stuff-cramming, and Chloe Heloise Oversize Tote rebelled. She rebelled at a most inopportune time and place: the security line at LAX, where one of the straps just gave up and gave out. SNAP!

You can imagine my horror. "CHLOE! MY BABY!" Also "How the eff am I going to carry this thing for the rest of the trip?"

I grumbled and complained about "Stupid luxury designer goods!" and how they were no better than stupid non-luxury, non-designer goods. When I finally stopped bitching , I emailed Chloe.

Chloe not only responded immediately to my whining, but repaired the bag in less than 4 weeks, and has FedEx'd it back to me. It will arrive safely back in my arms, just in time for my upcoming trip to Europe.

File under: Things That Please Me.

Carry on!