Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dress for Men? Dress for Women? Dress for TSA.

"Do women dress for men, or other women?" When traveling, now, we are really dressing for the TSA. The days of fanciful, deluxe travel, with the layers of furs and endless procession of leather-bound steamer trunks are pretty much over. Heavy sigh. Today's travel ensembles need to be perfunctory, sans the "fun" (so just "per" and "ctory").

Travel now involves standing in endless lines, hauling heavy bags, and trying to fit just one more fashion magazine into your carry-on bag. It also involves some semblance of dressing and undressing in order to clear the TSA security zone.

A good deal of thought has to go into your travel-day ensemble: are these shoes easy to slip on and off?... will I have to remove this sweater - it's not really a jacket...will the under-wire in my bra set off the metal detector?

I suffer through dilemmas as such: I want to wear these flats...

But when I take them off, my bare feet come in contact with the airport floor. No.

I want to wear these boots:

But I am unable to remove them by myself, in under 10 minutes. TSA staff is unlikely to assist. So, no.

I want to wear these shoes.

But I, sadly, do not own those shoes. We have also seen how TSA feels about them. So, again, no.

Solution: I will wear these boots

Success! The little zipper at the ankle allows for ease of removing and re-donning. They are comfortable. And they match everything - including this:

If we were the same size I just KNOW Lady Beckham would want to share clothes with me.