Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jet Lag

Always. Always when I'm planning a trip that involves crossing time zones.

Mom: What time do you arrive there?

Me: Oh, the plane lands around 8pm.

Mom: Sooooo, what time is it going to be here, when you arrive there?

No. Just no. Because it doesn't matter what time it's going to be where my mom is. This is how you contract the deadly disease of Jet Lag. You focus too much on what time it is where you used to be, rather than what time it is where you are. I'm using a lot of italics in explaining this, for emphasis.

Jet lag is annoying. You're tired, grumpy, and out of sorts. You are unable to fully appreciate the awesomeness of wherever you've gone on your trip, and I find that to be unacceptable.

My number one, most important recommendation for avoiding (or at least lessening the effects of) jet lag is this: When you board the airplane, get settled into your seat, fasten your seat-belt and then set your watch to whatever the time is at your destination. YES, before the plane even takes off! Set your watch, and then try to behave as if it's that time already. You're on an airplane, and aren't doing your normal, daily routine-y things anyway.

Example: It's 8:30PM as you board your flight in Chicago, for London.

You: Pardon me, Nice Flight Attendant, but what time is it right now in London?

Nice Flight Attendant: Why, it's 3:30AM, and aren't you a savvy traveler for asking!

You: Yes. Yes I am. Thanks very much.

And then you set your watch to 3:30AM, turn off that overhead light and go immediately to sleep - if you can sleep on airplanes, I envy you.

There is probably some stuff I should mention about circadian rhythms and that sort of thing, but I have found that the simple act of telling my watch that it is whatever time it is where I'm going, helps the rest of me assimilate.

If my mom really needs to know what time it is, where, I direct her to She's not the one in danger of contracting the Jet Lag.