Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pack My Trunk & Bring Me A Cocktail

I was really only kind-of joking about the cloche hat & fox-fur stole idea, in preparation for my train trip. I have grown despondently weary of boring functional clothing. Let's make travel theatrical again! I'll start with me.

Elegant rail travel is really all about the hat and the wrap, and while my sister has pointedly informed me that "very few people can pull off hats", I am choosing to ignore her.

Do I want to try Joan Crawford's feathered cap and fur stole?

Minus the cigarette - the smoke clings to the clothes. But it's winter, and I'll need more than just the stole.

What about Gene Tierney's straw hat with leopard-print coat?

Straw hat? What am I, a farmer? And I'm just not a fan of mixing seasons. For me straw = Spring/Summer; leopard coat = Autumn/Winter. The false eyelashes are all-seasonal: Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter and Awards.

Maybe Ava Gardner's large-brim-with-peacock-feather...

Dammit. She's not wearing a coat, and I just don't think that sunburst brooch will emanate enough heat to keep me warm.

Perhaps Greta Garbo's mini-bowler-with feather (I do love me some feathers), and fur-collared coat...

...or Lauren Bacall's French beret with wool coat?

And that is a slightly more glamorous version of the face I will be making if someone is kicking my seat.

Myrna Loy is wearing an exaggerated beret (probably not the proper name), and wool coat with fur collar.

The lace cravat adds an extra dash of sass, texture, and Louis XIV-ness.

However, in the end, I still feel partial to the cloche hat/fur combination, like my favorite girls:

Josephine and Daphne own this look, and make me believe I could own it too. Or possibly just rent it for a day or so.

Then, just when I think I've got my rail travel theatrical elegance all figured out, I see something like this...

...and wonder if it's more about the bag.