Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Train in Vain

I'm going a-traveling on a train. That's right, ALL ABOARD! The fabulous people at RailBookers have arranged a stellar itinerary for me, in exchange of a few of my bon mots (see, that French class I took is really paying off).

I will be zipping around between Paris (France), Brussels (Belgium), Bruges (also Belgium), Ghent (still Belgium), and Aachen (not Belgium - Germany).

Before things were finalized, and there was a chance our potential partnership wouldn't work out, I thought "Well, I'm going to be over in The Europe anyhoo, so mebbe I'll just plot out my own train extravaganza!" After all, I love plotting, planning and researching, so why not?

I'll tell you why not. Because there are a fajillion different train stations in most of these European cities, and once I began the mere attempt of plotting, planning and researching, I quickly surrendered to the far more achievable act of whimpering. "I can't do it by myself! I so confuse!"

Thankfully, RailBookers confirmed our destined union, and has lavished me with an itinerary full of train stations, train numbers, departure & arrival times, and (my favorite part) hotels.

As is the case with most of my travels, I have over-romanticized the idea of European train travel, and am bemoaning the dearth, in my sartorial repertoire, of cloche hats, pearl-strands, and fox-fur stoles.