Sunday, March 6, 2011

Charade Is Charade in French

I'm beginning to notice a trend: I'm idealizing my vacations to mirror Cary Grant movies.

On my last night in Paris, after a full day of running around, I turned on the Arte channel (looking for more Fashion Week documentaries) and giggly joy of joys! Charade was playing.

In French, but still. I've seen it enough times to know what's going on in any language.

The plot, characters and filming locations (all over Paris) are excellent, but what's really going on is the fashion. Vive Givenchy. I have no idea how I missed these options when trying to choose a train travel ensemble.

Ms. Hepburn looks justifiably horrified in that last photo, what with all my obsessing about hats and coats, I completely forgot about gloves.

However, as I'm leaving tomorrow, I'll have to worry about properly accessorizing for the next trip. I'm going to have Cary Grant drive me to Gare du Nord in the morning, after we stroll along the Seine.