Thursday, March 3, 2011

Faking A Sick Day, In Aachen

I have been in-transit for just over one week. Hustling from city to town to hamlet to burg, jumping on and off trains, indulging in the local cuisines, photographing the local splendor and historical wonder. I'm tired.

And today, whilst on an early-morning private guided tour of a bit of Aachen, Germany, it was explained to me - and obvious from the growing crowds, that it was not a normal day. Today is the first day of Carnivale, and they take it seriously here. I had no idea the Germans celebrated Carnivale, but good for them! Aachen is one of five cities (the others being Dusseldorf, Cologne
, Munster, and Mainz) where the people go a little crazy.

So, in the midst of my delightful, sophisticated voyage - you know, w
here I want everyone to be wearing this sort of thing:

I am seeing far more of this:

© Copyright Marius Mailat

To be fair, if I had A) been prepared for this, and B) been traveling with friends, I would have been the first to jump in, tutus a'flarin'. As it is, I have left my tutus at home, I'm exhausted, and have decided to accept the craziness, and scary cartoonish mobs, as a sign that it's perfectly okay for me to get Subway take-out, and hole up in my hotel room reading fashion magazines all day. I'll do the touring-around thing tomorrow (cough, cough).