Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fashion Week - Paris

Thaaaaaaaaaaat's right mesdames et messieurs, c'est Fashion Week in Paris.

Oh crap, I have nothing to wear.

I actually did have things to wear. However, for the fashion commoner the excitement of Fashion Week lessens a bit, when you realize that being a fashion commoner in Paris during Fashion Week is precisely like being a non-celebrity in Los Angeles during the Academy Awards. You're more of a glass-presser than anything else.

Very much outside looking in, no matter how fabulous your gloves.

After perusing Musee de l'Orangerie I wandered outside and saw this:

The throngs outside the Viktor & Rolf show. Sadly accepting that I would not be permitted inside the gates, I was happy enough to stand, leaning over a railing, and observe the fantastic circus for about ten minutes. I saw this cute little pixie, scrambling around, politely stopping the V&R attendees for photos.

She is apparently a very popular street-fashion photographer in Japan. I am a big fan of the street-fashion photographers, and was excited to spot the Godfather himself, Scott Schuman, hard at work.

I am still waiting, very impatiently, for that particular photo to appear on his blog so I can squeal "I saw him taking that!" to no one in particular.

It did seem like there were more than just a few ogling bystanders, and I saw many a flashbulb popping and scores of people craning their necks to see if they could see someone fabulous.

I had to remind myself that I had only a couple of days in Paris, and needed to focus on what was truly important.

Voila! C'est si bon.