Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On A Mission

Remember that one time...when I was in Brussels...and I was shopping...and I was in the dressing room, when the shop was closing...and it was really sad, because I hadn't even seen the upstairs?

Yeah, that bummed me out. So on my banzai route, Ghent - Brussels - Aachen, I noticed that I would be changing trains at the middle one. Brussels. Where that shop was. The shop with the entire second floor of potentially fabulous things that I had not yet seen.

I had just about two hours in between the time my train arrived into Brussels, and the time my next train left Brussels for Aachen. I jumped off the train at Brussels Gare du Midi, rolled my outrageously enormous suitcase to the luggage storage window, checked it in, then took off - practically skipping - to the Metro.

Two hours was all the time I needed to:

1) Take the Metro to Louisa station

2) Walk from Louisa station some 10-odd blocks to Les Enfants d'Edouard
3) Climb the stairs to the second floor and find...

Marni (again - love the Marni)

and awesomely kooky Christian LaCroix Bazaar

There were more clothes on the second floor - not just shoes (the shoe selection was sparse in my size).

I made it back to Gare du Midi with enough time to sit and have a plate of caramel waffles. It's still Belgium, after all.