Friday, October 14, 2011

I Just Can't Get Left. Or Right.

To wrap up my two-week genealogy road-trip extravaganza, I drove from Providence, to the Catskills, then back to Syracuse to return my rental car. The fall foliage complied.
What did not comply was the New York state highway system. Traffic was moving at a zippy pace, and there was nowhere to pull over and photograph all the splendor. I was Clark Griswold caught in the roundabout in London. "I can't seem to get over to the left, honey." There was no left, there was no right. There was no side.

The dashboard is an unwelcome frame for my masterpieces. I was gasping and marveling at all the splendor, and then feeling abnormally panicked that I would not have proper opportunity to share said splendor with everyone else, shrieking aloud to no one, "Why are there no gravelly shoulders for pulling over?!" So, keeping my eyes on the road, would hold out my right arm with camera and click intermittently. I do not recommend this. 

Please just try to imagine how beautiful the leaves looked. The camera adds ten pounds, and also seems to subtract ten times the prettiness of the colors. It was a stunning, stunning drive. Happy fall!