Friday, October 7, 2011

Plimouth Plantation

This hotel was awful.

*UPDATED 11/4/2011

Kara's comment made me laugh really hard, and then think "Yes, I should probably explain further."
These photos were taken at one of the homes on Plimouth Plantation, in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It's an amazing recreation of the first Pilgrim settlement - an entire village with thatched-roof houses and gardens and livestock and people dressed in old-timey 1620's garb, talking in old-timey 1620's fashion. 

It was one of those experiences I wish I could have had on an off-day, when everyone else was somewhere else. It's too hard to get into the 1620's spirit when you're surrounded by sweaty tourists in football jerseys and Crocs. I, on the other hand, was appropriately clad in my apron, full skirts and sensible shoes [falls off couch laughing].