Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend In Seattle - spoiler: it rained

Last weekend I took a little trip up to the place I used to call "home", Seattle. As was typical, the weather forecast was this:

So typical, as I had made a hair appointment for Friday, and planned to have the nice hair-do girl flat-iron it. Flat-ironed hair makes you look skinnier. Of course it was going to rain, and undo all that visual hocus pocus. I came close to investing in one of these:

But then did not. I did, however, pack these:

I love shoes, and it's impossible to pick a favorite pair, but these boots have done me proud, ever since I purchased them last November. Living in Seattle (or other Pacific Northwest city) and not owning proper rain boots is just silly. It's the difference between grumbling about ruined suede pumps and happily splashing through puddles in your protective armor.

My friend Ellen was flying in from San Francisco to meet me, and we needed a cute but mostly convenient hotel. I gambled on a cheapie Hotwire mystery hotel (4-star only with the gambling, though), and was rewarded with the Hyatt Olive 8:

Excellent, central location, and there were robes. We were just a few blocks from one of my all-time favorite eat-y/drink-y places, Tango. We sat in a booth, clinked our sangria glasses, nibbled on bacon-wrapped dates and laughed like this, "Ha! Haha!" After enough sangria it seems perfectly logical to order a calorie-and-fat-laden dessert, even when your hair is not making you appear any skinnier.

I dragged Ellen to all the must-see spots in Seattle, and would post photos of those, if we had any that weren't ruined by rain. We stuck to indoor pursuits like consignment-shop shopping at My Dressing Room in Queen Anne, and Fury in Madison Park. I refrained from spending (back pat).

Later, we met up with friends and indulged:

Wine bars are my favorite thing, and the Local Vine is one of my favorite-ist. Ellen plans to return to Seattle when the weather is nicer. So, next August.