Tuesday, February 21, 2012

St. Petersburg - If You Love Hate

Fat Tuesday made me think of all kinds of fat things: The Biggest Loser contestants, my kitty cat Herb, my passport. I have been to all seven continents, and manage to overspend in each city I visit. You're welcome foreign cities. Until today, St. Petersburg has been on my list of Places To See Before I Die. And then I saw this:

February 20, 2012. In just one week the city of Saint Petersburg could pass an outrageous bill that will make it a crime to read, write, speak or meet to discuss anything  considered “Gay”. 

I have never screamed "WTF" so much in my entire life. Then I went to Google Translator to figure out how to scream it in Russian. (The abbreviation just came out with the same letters, so I spelled it out.)

Dear St. Petersburg: Что за хрень?!

Fine, whatever, I will just continue to spend my money in the Western European countries.